The player became suspicious about Viktor for doing that out of kindness and heart

Then, she saw another picture where Viktor was present at the opening of the new town hall for Mystery Spell along with Mr. Collins and Mr. Turner but it was blurred due to the cameras in their days are made of silver. She later finds the paper showing a land ownership and knowing that Viktor had own this land and the Bartholy Manor was already built. Afterwards, she wants to have advice from Cassandre who is now recovered from her coma after the incident, informing her that she’s going to be a vampire and she needs to choose her creator wisely because once she transforms into a vampire, she inherits her creator’s personality.

Despite Cassandre’s chose Nicolae’s personality, the player chooses Drogo’s because of her love to him and Cassandre knew their relationship much to her shock, and asking if Sarah had told her about it which she replies that she just knew two people are in love with each other

The player would think if she inherits, Nicolae’s serious and composed, Peter’s sadness and melancholy or Drogo’s rebellious and impulsive. Cassandre permits Drogo to stay at the Osbornes for the night but it will be their one final night to spend time together and to the disappointment of the player. She messaged Drogo about it which he supported her decision but he needs time, knowing he has feelings to her as well. Finally learns that Drogo had completely forgotten over Mia and he needs to be ready.

Drogo gave her some 24 hours to think about it. After having party with Sarah at the living room, The player gets some rest, not knowing that Cassandre had put a spell on her in order to test her to remember of who she is. She ends up at her room at the Bartholy Manor in an alternate reality. Continue reading