Juan failed to think I became effective at these types of accusations

The guy knew me personally a lot better than any person, so he tried contacting my personal mommy over and over, aspiring to determine what ended up being happening with this particular most unusual facts. My personal final resort was to query my personal tA­a Rosie for help.

aˆ?I don’t know, Chiquis. The mother believes I’m sleep with Elena as well, because she noticed my texts, and each opportunity Elena texts myself she calls me aˆ?baby.’ aˆ?

aˆ?But what generated the lady actually think this?aˆ? I asked, baffled. But neither Rosie nor I could making heads or tails of these in pretty bad shape.

All of a sudden, we recalled the tiny event at Jacqie’s wedding ceremony, whenever Elena flirted with me in front of the woman sweetheart. aˆ?Stupid rumors and envy,aˆ? I thought.

aˆ?Elena’s girl got ahold of the woman mobile yesterday and discovered a picture people in a bikini from the time we-all visited Hawaii. Then she moved, whining, towards mama about our stupid texts.aˆ?

Aha! To ensure’s exactly why she had been texting like crazy yesterday evening in the videos, and that’s why my mummy ran to go talk with that female. Continue reading