Exchanging Numbers in Online Dating: When, How, Things to Know

It’s always an exciting time when you finally meet someone on an online dating site. After searching through countless profiles you have finally connected with someone. You have been sending emails and messages through the dating site, and things are going well. Eventually you reach the next phase of your relationship: Exchanging phone numbers. It’s a very big move for any relationship but you should always make sure to take some precautions before giving out your phone number.

The challenge with online dating is that you never actually know who the person is on the other end until you meet and continue to explore the relationship. Talking on the phone is the intermediary step between messaging and meeting, and exchanging phone numbers is the likely next step.

Some people give their phone out to everyone and think nothing of it. While you’d like to think that you can trust people, the sad reality is that you have to be careful with so many phishing scams and people trying to take advantage of unsuspecting https://www.besthookupwebsites.org/escort/akron/ victims.

When it comes to giving your phone number out, it pays to be careful. We have assembled this guide to help you when it comes to giving out your phone number to someone you met on a dating site.

When to Exchange Phone Numbers?

The most important thing to remember is to not give your phone number out right away when online dating. If you’re using a service like Match or eHarmony then you should go through the steps to meet and communicate with new matches online before jumping to phone calls. Continue reading


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