Perusing ‘The Collection out of Life’ with French developer Mathieu Lehanneur

Observe the country through the eyes off French creator and multidisciplinary creator Mathieu Lehanneur would be to see and enjoy their radical, creative, instinctive and you can giddily nerdy info from what structure is actually, and certainly will be honed into, once the an agency. Their really works, out-of LightinDerm (Auto-generating Skin care tool) to help you Ocean Recollections (good sculptural desk designed because some frozen sea), with his series presented on Hub Pompidou, Paris; Art gallery of modern Ways (MoMA), New-York; and much more, illustrate framework as the an explorative punishment, and as activism, perhaps not into the disguise but in purity, functionality and you can substance. Extending and you will playing around in the areas of unit build so you’re able to frameworks, hobby, tech, and you may character, this type of stuff, solutions and areas translate at its core, information to emotion. Continue reading