How to be a bottom: A guide to being penetrated by your partner

Want to try bottoming or just get better at it? Well dear, now you can with this very helpful and practical guide to taking it like a champ. You’re welcome.

Before we get stuck into sticking it in, we always support and suggest safer sex. Read our guide to PrEP, and always use condoms.

A bottom is sometimes referred to as the passive role or ‘pitcher’ (versus a ‘catcher’ or a top), and is the lucky guy that gets penetrated, gets f**ked, takes it up the rear, gets a cock in their ass, the penis in the anus.

We hope that’s a bit clearer now? Great, read on for all the facts and info on bottoming as well as a debunking of all the common myths.

Genetics or personal preference?

But this is just one study. The actual reason why some people and tops and others are bottoms is way more complicated than that.

Stereotypical bottoms

The most common stereotype for a bottom is a younger guy with little body hair, who is on the camp side of the spectrum. Continue reading


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One of the most puzzling facets of demonology could be the independence that Satan and demons appear to has in roaming the planet earth, triggering problem.

In the event that ruined include consigned to Hell for several eternity, why is Satan permitted to roam about beyond Hell? Isn’t the guy supposed to be hurt in Hell together with his minions as well as the more condemned? Further, it cann’t look that he is struggling one bit, but rather creating a grand energy wreaking chaos on planet. Just how do we address these types of issues?

Some texts fuckbook dating in Scripture perform speak of Satan plus the fallen angels as being cast into Hell:

  • God did not spare angels whenever they sinned, but sent these to hell, putting all of them in stores of darkness is presented for view (2 Peter 2:4).
  • While the angels which would not hold their own spots of authority but abandoned her appropriate dwelling—these they have kept in darkness, sure with everlasting stores for judgment regarding great Day (Jude 1:6).
  • I then saw an angel coming down from heaven, holding inside the give the secret to the bottomless pit and an excellent chain. In which he seized the dragon, that ancient serpent, who is the devil and Satan, and bound your for a thousand age, [likely a mention of the age the Church plus the going forward regarding the Gospel to all the the nations] and tossed him to the gap, and closed it and closed it over your, making sure that he may perhaps not fool the regions any further, before the thousand ages comprise finished. (Rev 20:1-3).

Yet various other texts discuss about it the fallen angels (demons) as being throw as a result of the earth:

  • Nevertheless dragon had not been sufficiently strong enough, with no much longer is anyplace within heaven for your and his angels. Therefore the fantastic dragon got hurled down—the old serpent known as devil and Satan, the deceiver for the entire world. He was hurled on the earth, and his awesome angels with your (Rev 12:8-9). Continue reading