T.J. Addington Shouldna��t Think Pastors Must Always Be Conducted Accountable. A glance in return on what the previous EFCA Senior vp had been involved inside the Ashley Madison Scandal

a�?In birmingham, romance and scandal are seen as the top sweeteners of beverage.a�?

a�?Therea��s no institution but love-making and music.a�?

Generally be vigilant and also sober mind. Your own enemy the devil prowls all around like a booming lion searching for anyone to devour. 9 withstand him, standing firm from inside the trust, since you realize the whole family of believers internationally happens to be starting alike variety of sufferings.


We suggested no disrespect.

a�� T.J. Addington (@TJ_Addington) March 25, 2020

Even so the change likewise told me personally of some other scandal within the EFCA which was perhaps not insured by the Christian media. Continue reading