The definition behind the name Lindsey is pretty unsexy – it is basically just regarding the geographical locations otherwise points

Yet not, maybe that means that Lindseys was character couples, women that enjoys an instance off wanderlust and you can could be a great deal more than simply as a result of pack up good duffel bag and you may continue an impromptu journey along with you. The name itself is Scottish in the supply, and you can to begin with are additionally utilized as a male title, but today it’s probably one of the most common female names out here. Pretty much everybody knows one Lindsey – otherwise a beneficial Lindsey, or a beneficial Lyndsey, or an effective Lyndsay, and stuff like that. Sure, Lindsay Lohan has given title some a representative, yet not every Lindseys are sexy messes – consider from very beautiful blonde bombshell skier Lindsey Vonn, otherwise breathtaking purple-on course tunes movie star Lindsey Stirling. There are a great number of Lindseys internationally, and men are frequently swiping proper.

a dozen Rebecca

Okay, we now have so you can accept, this is trailing Rebecca is sort of finest if you think about the list. Rebecca has its own roots for the Hebrew, and other supply highly recommend it indicates some thing along the lines of “snare” or something like that are tied up. That is correct – the male is swiping right because they are becoming literally ensnared by the potential of Rebecca’s charms. Title is pretty feminine, because of the ‘a’ conclude, something many men seem to eg, in addition to possibility of adorable nicknames really is endless – of a lot Rebeccas go-by Becky otherwise particular variation of that. And why don’t we not forget all of the naughty Rebeccas out there – all kid swiping best may feel such as he has got a chance in order to snag his or her own blond, leggy Rebecca Romijn. Continue reading