Q: exactly why isn’t my karma rising? Best ways to enrich they?

A: You can boost your karma by

  • Posting comments on another member’s facts
  • Placing comments on another user’s blog site
  • When an account you blogged increases a vote
  • When a story you typed gains a subscriber
  • Anyone shopping the layout your developed
  • Somebody moves karma for your requirements

Members with Gold standing build 4x a lot more details on statements and 2x a lot more factors on readers.

Some everyday limits have been in location to control actions that goes against the heart in the karma program (to assist increase communication among users) however they are pretty large and should just prevent egregious attitude.

Q: exactly why was actually the karma program conceived?

A: when Asianfanfics was actually a smaller sized web site, tales happened to be rarely mentioned on and people don’t chat a lot. I was thinking in the karma program provide a motivation to people to at least be much more sociable with one another. We actually utilized the name “karma” to represent the hope whenever men say good stuff to each other, others state good stuff back. The machine worked somewhat thus I started providing more and more positive points to getting karma points.

Asianfanfics is much larger today so there definitely doesn’t be seemingly a lack of consumer activity anymore compared to the ghost city we once were. Nonetheless it turned-out afterwards that some users have actually an obsessive should obtain karma also back when karma ended up being only meaningless points with few importance. Continue reading