Could you hide how old you are on Tinder?

Altering the Tinder get older or identity

Therefore, somewhat unethical, but you could develop a phony Facebook profile along with an alternate years and name. Then chances are you would have to sign in that Twitter account on your phone, then log into tinder utilizing that FB profile. Then you might be Lyndsey 36 now and Sarah 29 tomorrow.

Warning: keep in mind that people may do this as well, as a safety measure see their particular Facebooks to see if in-fact they truly are genuine before fulfilling.

Could it be unsafe?

Only many other activities. Personally, I have not have any poor experiences, you should be able to spot symptoms. Merely maintain your wits about yourself under a blanket of realism:

If a crazy appealing people all of a sudden is truly interested in you when you haven’t confirmed nothing special but, that will be a red-flag! Continue reading