Comparatively, while guys are rewarded that have male reputation for their sexual success, ladies are shamed and penalized

In keeping with heteronormative ideals from inside the intimate dating, which roles is sectioned off into masculine and you will women parameters (Nahon and Lander, 2016), conventional “sexual scripts” (Gagnon and Simon, 1973) are employed in Like Island. In accordance with the men sexual drive discourse, in which it is asked you to definitely boys “possess more powerful sexual appetite and you may a greater libido than simply women” (Monaghan and you may Robertson, 2012: 142), Like Isle reinforces gendered norms of real intimacy because of the to present men due to the fact consuming a dominating role for the gender. Especially, Like Area reinforces an intimate twice practical where men are recognized due to their sexual expertise, if you’re women can be shamed and you can punished. Continue reading