Serapis are a good goddess created by fiat to possess governmental comfort


If the Macedonian empire conquered Egypt inside the heady reign away from Alexander the good, they turned out difficult to feature Greek and you can Egyptian society. Faith try a certain inserting section: your pet-on course multitudinous gods of Old Egypt struck the latest Greeks due to the fact barbarous and you may primitive. Additionally, the latest Greek gods, just who cared little for individuals (and even faster about what happened to them about afterlife) struck the new Egyptians due to the fact cooler. Ptolemy I, Alexander’s satrap just who arrived to power over brand new Egyptian part of the empire noticed that this is a dangerous pressure, and thus when you look at the third 100 years BC he stated an alternative goodness, Serapis, which shared areas of Greek and you will Egyptian deities (though some old offer recommend that praise out of Serapis stayed ahead of, about in some form, and you can Ptolemy only stylized and you can popularized your). Continue reading