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Person-decades at stake was basically measured, carrying out January 1, 1982. Brand new endpoint is actually this new date away from emigration, big date away from passing otherwise e basic. Standardized chance percentages (SIRs) for each instructional classification was indeed determined since ratios of noticed number off disease times to those expected on the national disease chance costs, of the gender, 5-season delivery cohorts and you may step 1-seasons diary episodes . Brand new 95% believe menstruation (CIs) for the SIRs was determined by style of Sahai and Khursid . The test getting pattern more than educational categories try in line with the style of Breslow and you can Big date .


The latest numbers of everyone included in the analysis was basically 60 194 and 58 505, respectively. The majority of the people (55%) had typical height education, when you are 54% of females had only very first knowledge ( Dining table We ). People with basic knowledge had the higher median years within time of census ( Dining table I ).

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Dining table We. Payment shipment and you will average ages (years) within entry because of the sex and educational class, of men and women aged 20–64 many years which participated in new Icelandic census inside 1981. Continue reading