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We Introduction

The goal of the present paper is always to discuss the romantic relationships between around three notions popular in the cognitive sciences today – stereotypes , prototypes , and idealized intellectual patterns (ICMs) and make a link between him or her therefore the concept of archetype . Because of the putting such impression regarding the structure away from news discourse, brand new papers brings a free account of the altering symbol of females from the Bulgarian force. The cornerstone getting such an account ‘s the diachronic studies off several posts taken from the newest Bulgarian push, which around cover the next half of this new 20th century. For that reason research an important end is offered – the fresh new symbol of women about Bulgarian press changed a lot more in the stereotypical homemaker design to your idealized signal of our cognitive impression of females now.

II Certain theoretical requirements

New icon of females throughout the force is closely pertaining to a couple mental processes first read of the Aristotle – that categorization and you may class . In fact categorization can be described Fitness dating only reviews as a mental procedure of category while the kinds, and this result from you to definitely techniques has their particular construction, might make of that is very first recommended because of the Rosch (1981). Continue reading