It is really not clear who customized the fresh new pansexual satisfaction flag, it started to appear on the web inside the mid-2010s

Michael Page designed new bisexual pleasure banner from inside the 1998 once the the guy wanted to improve the profile and you can signal out of bisexuals each other within this the fresh new LGBTQ area and you may society most importantly. Having their design, he drew for the present bisexual icon, called the “biangles” symbol, having its a bluish and you may red triangle and you can a red-colored area where they intersect. Brand new red color regarding the banner represents sexual appeal for the exact same gender, while brand new bluish you to is short for intimate attraction towards opposite gender. This new overlapping red-colored colour represents bisexuality. The fresh new banner was initially uncovered within BiCafe’s very first-wedding celebration on the Dec. 5, 1998.

six. Pansexual Banner

The fresh flag is intended to raise awareness of pansexuality and identify this group on bisexual society, just like the pansexual everyone is attracted to folks of other genders and you will sexualities. Brand new shade of your banner portray the second:

  • Blue: Sexual attraction to those exactly who pick just like the men
  • Pink: Sexual appeal to those exactly who identify because the female
  • Yellow: Sexual destination so you can low-binary some one, such as for instance agender and you may genderfluid someone

seven. Polysexual Flag

Polysexuality are, in turn, not the same as pansexuality, as the polysexuals are keen on several, although not all of the genders. Continue reading