Afghan attitude particularly collectivistic and individuals generally add their particular familya€™s appeal before their own personal

Core Guidelines




Onea€™s kids may be the single important aspect of existence in Afghanistan. Afghan tradition is incredibly collectivistic and individuals usually put her familya€™s welfare before unique. Because of this kids duties usually tend to posses an increased relevance than personal requires. Respect to onea€™s group also usually supersedes any responsibilities to onea€™s tribe or race .

Throughout each one of Afghanistan, families is significant are held totally personal. Everyone is frequently hesitant to talk about personal issues with non-family people as people familiarity with a familya€™s struggles would bring embarrassment in the house (determine a€?Honoura€™ in main principles). People can be a little more prone to open up to other women concerning their individual lifetime, but typically group points is stored throughout the personal.

Afghan people are huge and multigenerational. Truly traditional for women to move alongside his or her husbandsa€™ parents at relationships. Adult kiddies normally reside in the household property of their father and mother or in-laws throughout their life. Its rare for maried people to transfer around within their residence as a result financial situations in Afghanistan. In 2010, a standard sized a household in Afghanistan am noted getting 7.8 consumers. 1 typically, this is often constructed from a husband, girlfriend, his or her unmarried kids, along with their sons and sonsa€™ partner and children.

In prolonged family families, three or four years may real time together. Continue reading