Crucial concern to you cum lovers, could it possibly be regular to own brown cum

Was 18 and i am regularly enjoying my climax given that light throughout the damp aspirations but now are seeing my personal jizz since obvious since mug but still gluey. And also for the number I really don’t masturbate just what are wrong plz I want help.

Consequently, Perhaps We trained myself usually getting a beneficial lower sex drive, that is as well, in the event I do believe given this clear jizz that i need to be impotent too (in contrast to I would become having kids, regardless)

Hi i am Hamid, and you will I’m guy from Goodness. It all took place three-years in the past while i provided my personal partner rectal, and if I blew a load in the bottom. It absolutely was every brown inside color. I don’t know whether it is of the no no zone or my personal medical health problems. From the time it is usually started brown and gooey concise which i can not tidy it well. Excite posting assist, I am asking

Semen number, colour, and you can viscosity may differ due to of many items. Fundamentally an early on male, adolescence to readiness, tend to ejaculate thinner sharper semen. When sexually adult (18-twenty-two yrs old) their ejaculate are far more white so you can of-light and you may heavy. An adult male tend to typically ejaculate 3-5 ml out of sperm just after three days abstinence, that contains regarding a hundred mil cum for every single ml if the he could be generally effective. Continue reading