The Lucky Horseshoe is Chicagoa€™s many distinctive gay night life spot

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Regarding gay lifestyle in Chicago, the Lucky Horseshoe consumes a classification all unique. Recognized to regulars as a€?the ‘Shoe,a€? the Boystown joint at the part of Halsted and Belmont is the city’s only club featuring an everyday lineup of men dancers. My routine is almost always the same: information upwards an empty feces and scan the space to figure out which comely lad in a jockstrap will be the person regarding the wad of singles the bartender have passed me personally.

The happy Horseshoe is Chicago’s most unique gay night life area

The ‘footwear’s troupe was a varied lot, undoubtedly way more compared to team of most different Boystown taverns. You’ll find right dancers and homosexual performers, and you can decode their unique positioning centered on her tactics. The hetero ones is firm, with their arms somewhat hunched forward-and they beam from (ahem) cheek to cheek whenever a blur advancing toward the level actually is a woman. The homosexual types are usually transfixed by their particular expression during the echo and how perfectly their own moves imitate that from their own dearest diva. Sometimes, these young men are incredibly captivated by their shows they scarcely subscribe an individual slips a fiver in to the waistband of their jock.

The ensemble users enter all shapes and forms, years, and ethnicities and. Frank the Tank, a Latino dancer which always wears fighting boots, is within their 50s, I’m advised. Madonna Otter, an art form college student with a sizable gap-toothed grin, has actually an obsession with lace-up jockstraps, which highlight their plump and furry tush. Continue reading