The wire guy’s keys: Technician saying to the office for Time Warner cable tv is actually telling all on Reddit

An individual saying become a Time Warner wire specialist are spilling strategies on Reddit.

Time period Warner Cable, the second-largest provider of TV set and internet service in the us, informed mineral that it really is looking into the postings. “We’re cannot validate if this type of person is clearly a present or original staff,” a spokesman explained.

Reddit customer cableguy_the launched an “Ask myself all” (AMA) thread, uploading photograph of his own identification document banner and uniform as purported proof of his own career. Their answers to the points being available in are extremely candid. Below are a few shows (typos stored).

On Comcast’s impending purchase period Warner cable tv:

We want the merger since the recent cluster in control could be the most severe recently background. A lot of people getting discharged from impossible performance metrics. All other electricity continues for support services reps and stripped from your those who truly go to residences and restore dilemmas . It’s a mess in addition to the vendor is now being work like shit IMHO [in our humble opinion].

Throughout the stress between gurus and customer support agents:

Yea client service reps and specialists become battling a war that no-one considers. Continue reading