President, into the 1991, then-Czechoslovak Chairman Vaclav Havel delivered together with her their competitors away from Poland and you may Hungary

Providing desire of an effective 14th millennium hookup sites free meeting off Central Western european leaders, these types of 20th century leaders gone back to an identical Danube city of Visegrad with a viewpoint so you can getting rid of the fresh marks of the communist bloc within the Central Europe; conquering historic animosities between Main Europe; and you will creating Western european consolidation.

Today, the latest Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and you will Slovakia was together referred to as Visegrad Category, as well as five keeps effortlessly inserted NATO and the European union. He’s anchors on the Trans-Atlantic alliance, i am also happy to have obtained the chance to travelling to all four of those regions in which We have met with public officials, non-political agents and cultural and you will spiritual people leaders.

Regrettably, it would appear that particular most work is necessary to address one of prominent needs of Visegrad Class; namely, beating historic animosities. In recent months, affairs ranging from Hungary and you will Slovakia were burdened. That have journeyed in the region and achieving met with management regarding each other regions in their present check outs so you’re able to Washington, I want to express a few observations.


Very first, a modification toward Slovak language rules, which had been then followed when you look at the Summer and will go into force into the January, keeps brought about a great deal of question that the entry to the brand new Hungarian words of the Hungarian fraction into the Slovakia could well be unduly or unfairly minimal. Unfortuitously, you to definitely nervousness might have been whipped up, to some extent, by a number of inaccurate and you can exaggerated comments regarding rules. Continue reading