workplace for the Prevention of Domestic Violence

Responsive violence is physical violence utilized by victims of domestic punishment or any other assaults 63 who are attempting to escape, remain true on their own, stop the assailant’s violence, protect themselves or other people, or retaliate. It really is an effort to get short-term control in a violent situation.

The option to answer an attack with physical violence is affected by many factors, including:

  • The individual’s values and attitudes.
  • Whatever they have discovered in their life about whenever violence is and it is perhaps not justifiable.
  • The expense and great things about responding with physical violence. (Many victims accurately perceive if they fight back or try to defend themselves, and decide that doing so is not worth it that they may be seriously injured. Other people decide that the chance is outweighed because of the have to make an effort to protect by themselves and kids.)

Attack (or assault that is anticipated by way of a abuser. Continue reading