15. This woman is acquiring charged certainly. I once made the mistake of asleep with a roommate

a€?My ex-wife had gotten pregnant with another people about 3-4 period into all of our a€?separation,a€™ established their pregnancy on our providersa€™s intranet (both of us worked at the same team at that time) the actual fact that she was actually thinking about stopping, would not respect components of our very own splitting up payment she at first decided on and finalized, following attempted to elope on all the lady debts. I had lovers bothering me personally and my loved ones seeking the girl. Apparently, she changed the woman amounts and she had no recognized target. Fortunately, I happened to be capable of getting straight back at her. I became in a position to convince this lady to offer the home she at first wished to keep according to the divorce or separation payment, but later on reinforced out on. In this processes, our very own realtor used an electronic digital trademark program therefore we didna€™t need to discover each other. Anytime you sign a document on this platform, it makes a trail together with your internet protocol address. My personal ex-wife had signed every document making use of a pc through the house the girl kids daddy resides in. I then used a (complimentary) site online that can locate where an IP target starts, it gave me rough GPS coordinates. We went on Bing Maps and discovered the road and when I understood the street, i possibly could sort through my personal statea€™s land browse to spot all owners on that street. All I’d to accomplish is get the label of their boyfriend and basically found in which she got live. The very next time the debt collectors labeled as, I offered them her newer address. The lady obtaining prosecuted for failing to pay the woman debts will be the least she deserves.a€?

16. No regrets whatsoever

a€?I when produced the blunder of resting with a roomie. It lasted for a few months before I made the decision that i desired to capture items to the next level. Continue reading