Sexi features a large club region of get togethers


Got to this new airport very early and been able to get the prior to trip therefore i showed up into Miami earlier together with breakfast with my wingman.

As soon as we showed up for the Medellin several other planes landed also and it got about half an hour to get out, grab a purple taxi to possess fifty,000 and move on to Laurelas. My personal wingman is actually putting his compensate into therefore i keeps a short while so you’re able to eliminate.

Performed a good Centro casa run, taxi is 5,800 next we strike Sexi in the their new larger area, 14 chicas, after that onto Bell collection, six chicas, up coming New way life, 12 chicas, then Massage therapy 55, 8 chicas, both of us did an hour or so for forty,100000 next onto Athenas, as well as had 8 chicas.

Went to Blowjob playground, watched some old pretty face, they wished spare transform, I needed a number of kisses, so it exercised. Continue reading