Here are some here may be the result of an internet discussion I had with psychologists Michael Kraus (MK) and Michael Frank (MF).

We talked about scale development, and especially, whether items with two response choices (in other words., indeed v. No) are good or bad for the reliability and validity of the scale. We’d a great topic we thought I would reveal to you.

MK: Twitter not too long ago folded on a polling element which enables their consumers to inquire about and respond to questions of every other. The poll element permits polling with two possible response possibilities (elizabeth.g., can it be autumn? Yes/No). Armed with snark several fundamental learning psychometrics and scale building, I was thinking it could be enjoyable to present the following as my personal earliest poll :

Said knowledge shows that, everything becoming equal, people are more “Yes” or maybe more “No” as opposed to others, so creating feedback choices including more wide variety will capture more of the actual difference in associate responses. Continue reading