Hey Mister – A Teen Slut Sex Story

As I slid my half hard cock into my pants and zipped up, she turned and came to the window. I froze in the shadows, not wanting to be seen. She pulled the curtains half closed and then peered out into the dark. I was silent and still, hidden in my shadows, not even breathing. After a long moment she smiled and kissed the window and pulled the curtains the rest of the way shut.

Breathing a sigh of relief I finished zipping and made my way quickly back to the road and to my car, the show was over, she would go take a bath now at the back of the house and then to bed. I smiled and blew her a kiss and left, knowing she would be waiting tomorrow night for me once again.

Sandy walked back to the bathroom naked. Her cum dripping down her legs. She turned on the hot tap and waited for it to get nice and steamy and then plugged the drain and began to fill the tub. She lit several candles and turned off the light so the room was bathed in a soft glow.

She loved the wet feeling of just having cum

She opened up a new bottle of bubble bath and poured it into the rising water and then added a scoop of scented salts. Continue reading