Opportunity to Live in the United States!

I was having coffee with a friend of mine who was visiting Honolulu from Japan. The subject of why Japanese women like American men entered into our conversation as he, being that he is Japanese, is struggling to meet quality women in Tokyo.

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There is one thing both my wife and I have seen over the past several years and that is more and more mixed couples both here in Hawaii and in Japan. My friends question has been the topic of conversation between my wife and I, along with her Japanese friends, for quite some time.

But, very interesting is the fact that when walking the streets of Kyoto, or Honolulu, there are in fact many mixed couples comprised of an American male and a Japanese female.

That answer is fairly straight forward in that Japanese women tend to be thin and very attractive when compared to most American women.

After all, over the past 10 years American women tend to be heavier than they should be! Conversely the women of Japan have very small frames and an exotic look about them. No wonder why American men gravitate towards Asian women!

So, why do Japanese women prefer to date American men? Continue reading