The wire guy’s keys: Technician saying to the office for Time Warner cable tv is actually telling all on Reddit

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The wire guy’s keys: Technician saying to the office for Time Warner cable tv is actually telling all on Reddit

An individual saying become a Time Warner wire specialist are spilling strategies on Reddit.

Time period Warner Cable, the second-largest provider of TV set and internet service in the us, informed mineral that it really is looking into the postings. “We’re cannot validate if this type of person is clearly a present or original staff,” a spokesman explained.

Reddit customer cableguy_the launched an “Ask myself all” (AMA) thread, uploading photograph of his own identification document banner and uniform as purported proof of his own career. Their answers to the points being available in are extremely candid. Below are a few shows (typos stored).

On Comcast’s impending purchase period Warner cable tv:

We want the merger since the recent cluster in control could be the most severe recently background. A lot of people getting discharged from impossible performance metrics. All other electricity continues for support services reps and stripped from your those who truly go to residences and restore dilemmas . It’s a mess in addition to the vendor is now being work like shit IMHO [in our humble opinion].

Throughout the stress between gurus and customer support agents:

Yea client service reps and specialists become battling a war that no-one considers. Most people despise all of them, these people dread usa. The two inform associates the thing is the gear if it hardly ever was. We all determine users to just ignore exactly what the person from the telephone claims because it’s likely that really good, he’s got never ever wired a house, installed a drop or remedied line.

On what’s really incorrect using your association:

dont think 50percent of just what the associate to the contact informs you of. Just schedule the technical. Allow him or her get the job done. He’s performed this earlier. The agent only answers devices. It’s hardly ever the gear resulting in the problem.

Regarding mystery of getting far better assist:

Any time a technical shows up ,ask for his own superiors wide variety. Tell him it’s just not to burn him or her but to rise a challenge. He could name his own sup to be certain the fantastic but that can help.

On what’s avoiding a lot faster internet get speed:

Really, standard analogue cable. It will take all the way up sooo very much bandwidth . 1 route per regularity vs bonding several wavelengths to provide 8 programming for a downstream and 4 for an upstream . As soon as we move 100per cent electronic tv.. Web are certain to get a lot faster. Also congestion. If you live around a college it’s any outcome . Granny would use their 15 meg for e-mail and surfing but young Johnny school child takes in in the bandwidth in the region utilizing netflix and torrenting and gaming. So far these people pay out identical. IMHO what might fix that is capping information and giving all uncapped rate.

On exactly why splitting your very own cable link try a bad idea:

Investing in a splitter just to attenuate the sign is absolutely foolish most of us even have facts named attenuators that do this without adding unwanted splitter. Yet it is correct that a lot of alert is as negative as not enough we call that distortion

On whether this Reddit AMA costs your their job:

I may getting dismissed contingent that attracts myself. I would will also get an additional benefit the so hard to share with with the way this provider currently is organized.

As to how Wi-Fi indicators tends to be untrustworthy, and can also staying vanquished by doorways and structure:

Indeed best shown. Plaster walls specifically.Solid material opportunities, inside a garage after the network router is found on the other flooring or the other way around. Wi-fi is actually a fickle animal.

Your “broken” wire modem:

Yea I notice this loads. I might declare in certain annum I’d claim 5per cent of this modems We swapped are really poor. Most of us carry out some pet and pony program and merely change they at any rate. The problem is typically certainly not products associated. Modems either perform or they dont. Undoubtedly hence very little in between. They’re quite simple accessories. I have tv series subscribers making use of my very own computer every thing using perfectly, next turn back to their merchandise and every thing goes to shit. They however need an innovative new modem..Its insanity.

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