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Places You Must Visit Around Sangla and Chitkul

Sangla Valley is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful valleys in the country which is why it makes a popular destination among tourists. Set on the banks of Baspa River, one can enjoy the exceptional views of the Himalayas from the valley. The scenic villages of Sangla let you experience the simplistic lifestyle of Kinnaur.    Places You Must Visit Around Sangla and Chitkul

Sangla is where Rupin Pass trek ends. Chitkul, another scenic village near Sangla is where Borasu Pass Trek ends. Therefore, to make the best of your time, here are all the Places You Must Visit Around Sangla and Chitkul .

Kamru Fort

Places You Must Visit Around Sangla and Chitkul- Kamru Fort

Located in the picturesque Solang Valley, Kamru Fort is a portal to a bygone area. The unique 3-storey wooden fort is a 15th-century architectural marvel. The fort has now been developed into a temple dedicated to Goddess Kamakhya. The idol of the goddess is placed on the third floor and is said to have been brought from Guwahati. The temple has a huge religious importance among the locals. Places You Must Visit Around Sangla and Chitkul

Bering Nag Temple

Places You Must Visit Around Sangla and Chitkul- Bering Nag Temple

One of its kind, Bering Nag Temple holds a religious importance among people. The temple is dedicated to Lord Jagas, a form of Lord Shiva. It is constructed with wood and can be considered as an architectural marvel from olden times. Every year in months of August and September, Phulaich Fair is celebrated in the temple which makes it all more interesting attraction. It is 2 km from Sangla Village. Places You Must Visit Around Sangla and Chitkul

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Chitkul Village

Chitkul Fort

Chitkul is a small hamlet in this region of Himachal Pradesh. The interesting fact about this village is that it is the last inhabited village near Indo-Tibetan border. The beauty and charm of this village are no less than a fairyland. It is located 20 km from Sangla. There is even a temple of a local goddess, Chitkul Maathi, which holds huge importance for people from Kinnaur district. This village experiences heavy snowfall in winters.

Baspa River

Baspa River

Sangla Valley is inhabited on the side of mighty Baspa River. The river is surrounded by the gigantic Himalayan ranges. The views around the banks of the river are to die for. One can find a variety of fish in the freshwater of the river. There are even baskets hanging above the river which are used as a mode of river crossing by the villagers. Have a little ‘you-time’ sitting by the side of the beautiful river contemplating about life.

Tibetan Wood Carving Centre

Tibetan Wood Carving Centre

In case you are looking for a souvenir to take back from your trek, Tibetan Wood Carving Centre is the place to be. You will find object made from wood with intricate carvings in Tibetan Style. There is a display of an array of beautiful objects that are also available for sale. The center is located on the outskirts of Sangla near the Saffron Farm. It is one of the popular sightseeing places in Sangla.  Places You Must Visit Around Sangla and Chitkul

Batseri   Places You Must Visit Around Sangla and Chitkul

view of kalpa

Batseri is another hamlet in this region which is famous for its scenic beauty and local handicrafts. The village is located 8 km from Sangla. What makes it a must-visit are the Himachali shawls and Kinnauri caps. Trout Farming is also prevalent in this region which is not to be missed. Also, get pine nuts and chilgoza from the village.  Places You Must Visit Around Sangla and Chitkul

Brelengi Gompa   Places You Must Visit Around Sangla and Chitkul

Places You Must Visit Around Sangla and Chitkul- Brelengi Gompa

When you are in Himachal, you ought to visit the monasteries here. Brelengi gompa is a beautiful monastery near Sangla that you can visit. It was established in 1922 by the Mahabodhi Society to perform the Kalachakra ceremony. There is even a 10 m high statue of Lord Buddha near the monastery. A lot of people visit this fine Buddhist monastery to seek peace and solace.  Places You Must Visit Around Sangla and Chitkul


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Adventure of sangla valley

Top Things to do in Sangla Valley

1. Camping – Stay at the many camps that are situated on the Baspa River banks. Camps such as Banjara, Kinner, Igloo Nature, Baikunth Adventure Camp, and the Sangla Valley camps offer tent and cottage accommodation. The camps itself will organize various adventure activities for you.

Top Things to do in Sangla Valley
Walks – Enjoy undisturbed walks across the valley where one gets to admire the plethora of flora and fauna including orchards, cedar trees, and fir trees to name a few. These walks can be done in a day.

3. Adventure activities such as rappelling, rock climbing, river crossing are provided by the camps.

4. Treks are a good option if one wants to cover the valley and the surrounding areas. One can get to see the beautiful Kinner Kailash peak up-close during the trek. A trek one should attempt is the Rakcham trek. There is a glacier trek which will take you to the snowy regions of the mountains.

5. Opt for a yoga retreat. There are some camps and tour operators who organize yoga retreats. What better way to do your yoga when surrounded by gorgeous mountain views.

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6. For those who love angling, the Baspa River is renowned for their trout. The river has crystal clear waters and one can easily spot the trout. For those who do not want to indulge in angling, then gazing at the beautiful shoals of trout is a great experience.

7. There is a monastery close by which you can visit.

8. The Kamru Fort is over 800 years old. It houses the famous Kamakshi Devi Temple.

9. The Bering Nag Temple is dedicated to the snake of Lord Shiva.

10. A beautiful Tibetan wood carving centre has exceptionally beautiful carvings of different things.

11. The Fulaich Fair is held every year between August and September. It is a festival of flowers. There is much fanfare involved including traditional dances and songs. The Kinnauris wear their traditional costumes and perform certain rituals for their departed loved ones.

12. Sangla meadow is a pretty spot that offers views of the Kinner Kailash.

kinnaur kailash view from sangla valley
There is a trout farm which has been created by the Ministry of Fisheries. Here, one gets to observer the beautiful trout floating in huge tubs.

14. There is a saffron farm located on the outskirts of the town.

15. Visit nearby places such as Chitkul which is the last town on the Indian border, after which the Tibetan border begins. Also visit Batseri, Karchem, & Kalpa, all of which are located close to Sangla.

16. A trip to the Baspa Dam Reservoir is a must as it offers beautiful views of the placid waters of the river.

17. Try the apples that are grown here. They are extremely sweet and juicy. Visit the Sangla Market and buy local spices and if you can find it then try to buy some of the traditional clothes. Taste some of the local food here. Since it a tiny town, the shopping and facilities are very basic.


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Sangla Valley view

Stunningly beautiful throughout the year, the road to Sangla is certainly paved with good intentions. Loose rocky terrain makes most of the drive to Sangla seem like an adventure in itself with gorgeous apple orchards and ‘hanging’ villages on the other side of the gorge. The valley’s largest inhabited settlement, Sangla has interesting Tibetian eateries and an ATM, but a taste of Sangla’s renowned potatoes is a must (the area grows some of the best-quality potatoes in the world).

There are fantastic hiking opportunities right up to the last village of Chitkul at the Indo-Tibetan border. A short walk away is the fascinating Kamru Fort with the Kamakhya Devi Shrine. A perfect blend of history and tradition, old forts and ancient Tibetan wood carving make for much of the architecture here. Tourism is, however, an integral source of income for people here in the valley and warm welcomes are part of the charming culture of these lovely Kinnauri-speaking locals.

Places to see in Sangla


Get to this quaint village on the other side of the Baspa River with an easy hike from Sangla, across a small bridge that connects the village to the larger valley. Basteri village is the stuff old fiction arose from, old buildings in wood and stone, some refurbished but most crumbling, just 8 km from Sangla. Complete with an ancient wooden temple, partially burnt but rebuilt through the years, with the Kinner Kailash peak looming large overhead. Basteri has some interesting local handicrafts and shawls you might want to pick up before you leave.

Hike to Kamru Fort

Kamru Fort

Hike from over to Kamru Fort from Sangla, fortified by high peaks with the sparkling river for company.Built around the 15th century, Kamru is considered one of Himachal’s oldest forts. Made of wood, the fort’s is a perfect amalgamation of Indian and Tibetan architecture. Get closer for the idol of Kamakhya Devi (originally brought from Assam) as well as the 15th century shrine of Lord Badrinath.



Officially the last Indian village before the Tibet border, Chitkul is renowned for its natural beauty and quaint architecture. Spectacular views of the Baspa valley coupled with its quaint wooden houses make Chitkul the day-trip village to visit from Sangla. Renowned for its, rather expensive, potatoes, Chitkul is surrounded by lovely golden buckwheat that is covered with snow for a good 6 months (October to February). With a little over 600 inhabitants here, Chitkul has some very friendly inhabitants who are always happy to interact with visitors. Get to know a little more about life in this high-altitude border village – the culture, traditions, hardships and the simple joys that make it all worthwhile.

Wood Carving

A short trip to the outskirts of Sangla would lead you to the Tibetian Wood Carving Centre. Stop by for a visit before another intricate art form becomes history. Meet the last surviving masters of this dying tradition whose masters and forefathers installed and took care of most of the wooden temples in Himachal from Basteri and Manali to even Hatu. The fine precision of their intricate work and impeccable dedication leave you with imagines of a time when wood carving was the occupation of choice. Get a brief glimpse into their simple lifestyle and watch the making of these beautiful wooden structures. Leave with a little souvenir of this ancient art.

Best time to visit Sangla

March-June and September-December, the summer and monsoon months respectively are the best times to explore Sangla to satisfaction. Although the summers are hot with temperatures going up to 30 degrees, they are not scorching and monsoon rains aren’t as heavy as you’d expect. Winters, on the other hand, are capable of turning you into popsicle sticks with the lowest reading being -10!

Things to carry

Pack as light as possible given the amount of road travel involved here.

  • Cotton clothing for summer and a light jacket would work for when evenings get cooler. If you’re un[travel]ling in winter, warmer clothes complete with thick socks and warmer jackets. Carry your windcheater and umbrella if you’re here in the monsoons as well.
  • Sturdy walking shoes, mandatory if you’re hiking, make sense given the amount of walking involved here.
  • Sunscreen, especially if you’re going up to the higher reaches. Usual prescription medications.
  • Mobile and tablet electronic chargers.


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