There they setup temporary household, abstaining out-of sex and rigorously forbidding all the males

As boys didn’t sit-in and females did the rites when you look at the privacy, it is sometimes complicated so you can rebuild just what continued inside Thesmophoria. A knowledgeable origin, Aristophanes’s Females of one’s Thesmophoria ( 411 bce ), pointedly imparts little information about the true traditions. Alternatively it comically portrays the brand new invasion regarding a masculine spy, Mnesilochus, concealed as a lady to guard his cousin, brand new heartbreaking poet Euripides, away from prosecution because of the women to have his bad portrayal of those. Assembling individuals late sources, the following photo emerges: Preparation toward event first started more than 3 months in advance. Piglets was in fact sacrificed in midsummer, most likely from the Skira, other ladies festival, about which absolutely nothing is known, but most likely associated with Athena. Continue reading