Arriving at the latest Jade Water, it receive on their own in the exact middle of a conflict area

They felt like one to Ayumi and you can Ivan create sign-up Canach and you may Sayida so you’re able to patrol brand new coastline and therefore the others manage visit this new Jade Sea to arrange the fresh new freshly built extractors and you can assist in treat as much as they could. Brand new soldiers had been extensively spread out and you will increasing resentful, because whenever anybody been able to reduce a gap beast, other shaped within its lay.

But, immediately following hard fighting, it managed to setup the newest extractors and you can see within Forehead of your Accumulate. It managed to get Soo-Claimed with the Assemble Forehead and you can made use of the extractors to eradicate the newest Gap out of their system; but unfortunately, when deleting brand new corrupted magic, it squeezed in order to create a gap are you to definitely attacked him or her collectively along with his army. when they you are going to change her or him right back for the. Since their partners dispersed so you’re able to retrieve brand new perimeter extractors taken from them from the Void army, Kuunavang in addition to Commander stayed behind to guard Taimi and Joon because they put aside an element of the extractor. Continue reading