After MTV announced 16 and expectant in 2009 watchers couldn’t wait to see the crisis.

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After MTV announced 16 and expectant in 2009 watchers couldn’t wait to see the crisis.

The tv series soon after 16-year-old expecting teens through sad decisions like giving their particular babies upwards for use, moving out of the families houses, and finishing school got 1st of its sorts and a debatable people at this.

Critics feared the show glorified teen pregnancy and warned girls were going to get pregnant assured they may be about Television program.

Inspite of the backlash, the tv series recognized five profitable conditions plus several teenage mother twist offs following kids like emerald Portwood and Farrah Abraham, who possess be full-blown celebrities (and porn stars). Exactly what taken place to the lesser known babes of 16 and Pregnant?

Many girls need four young ones, some have had problems with the law, and sadly one tragically passed away. Continue reading observe in which these include now.

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Kayla Jordan

Which they were: Kayla Jordan, a beauty pageant contestant just who appreciated horses and shooting weapons, showed up on month 2. While she was a student in senior school she had gotten pregnant by the woman boyfriend J.R. and he suggested to the girl on show. Jordan is reluctant to getting into his household because she was determined by the lady parents and failed to want to stop that way of living. That would!

Why They did not become a spin-off: Jordan got it Twitter to go over her outrage that their month of 16 And Pregnant didn’t get a spin-off. She tweeted, “guess what happens truly becomes me personally? Seeing a few of these more ‘teen mothers’ making good money and get to would cool things but our very own season just got missed like it ended up being absolutely nothing.” Ouch!

In which Will they be today: In an exclusive meeting with RadarOnline this year Jordan revealed how she no more felt like a teen and talked about several of the lady battles juggling school and an infant. Kayla and J.R broke up and she satisfied some body new called Zach Bedwell and got engaged. They had a son named Bryce in 2015 although pair parted tactics and she found another people, Dakota Jones. The couple had gotten hitched and she announced in April 2018 that she actually is planning on child number three.

Lizzie Waller

Which They Were: Lizzie Waller is a Virginia teenage in period 2 and got pregnant by the woman sweetheart Skylar Sickles. She was motivated to perform the lady music aspirations but had an unrealistic view of exactly what maternity designed for the girl as a teen. She considered every thing was going to become best plus forgotten Sickles cheat from the tv show.

Why They Didn’t Have a spin-off: lovers cannot feel her choice to forgive the woman boyfriend after he duped on her with her buddy and blasted the woman for this. Waller remained of social media marketing excepting a personal Twitter membership and nearly vanished through the community eyes after the program broadcast.

In which Will they be today: Waller and Sickles’ crisis continuous until they in the course of time divorced 2 years after marriage. Happy for Waller she satisfied Dave Mortensen who has three young ones of their own and also the partners is involved. It had been final reported that she got following a vocation as a dental associate, finishing nights classes and in addition took on an innovative new hobby—skydiving! Although she most likely was required to promote this lady brand new pastime a rest because she ended up being wanting child number two with Mortenson in June 2018.

Jamie McKay

Exactly who these were: Jamie McKay got a 17 year-old older from new york and was the star on Season 3. She had been an honor beginner as well as on scholar council but got pregnant by the lady date Ryan McElrath. Sadly McElrath was a mess from the start and would often fight along with her mom about their actions. McElrath could disregard McKay and she could not get a hold of your when she gone into labor. The guy eventually showed up hungover five several hours later on toward medical. When she returned to school she actually discovered he was cheating on the for a couple of period. McKay didn’t have a father growing up and planned to hold trying but put an end to the partnership and made a decision to allow the process of law determine escort Escondido their own guardianship arrangement.

Why They failed to see a spin-off: Mckay and McElrath had an awful custody struggle with accusations of driving while intoxicated and cocaine abuse. Involving the 2 ones these were additionally arrested 4 occasions last year. MTV introduced an unique webisode catching up making use of girls from month 3 where they were able to talking candidly about birth-control and their lifetime and McKay shared that she returned to college fulltime.

Where Will they be Now: Despite the guardianship fight McKay returned alongside McElrath. In 2012 McKay posted a photograph of an ultrasound claiming that she suffered a miscarriage, but afterwards acknowledge that she got an abortion. The couple had a moment youngster in 2015 next broke up forever soon after. McKay receive appreciate once more and began online dating a guy for quite a while named David. The happy couple had gotten interested and provided beginning their earliest child in Summer 2018.

Valerie Fairman

Whom they certainly were: Valerie Fairman had probably the most anticipated periods from the month after a trailer premiered of their yelling at her newborns parent Matt Pryce. Pryce failed to believe Neveah was actually their despite them “having gender, LOADS” and she had to bring a DNA examination to prove it. Fairman got a lovely female and her mood and conduct towards the lady mothers got documented given that season persisted.

The reason why They did not become a Spin Off: Fairman’s moms and dads wanted she got never ever done the show and she got arrested for allegedly assaulting the lady mother after it concluded filming. She was bullied on the internet on her every action plus the fame got a lot to handle.

Where Are They today: unfortuitously for Fairman and also the 16 and Pregnant people the girl lifetime ended in tragedy. She got detained for prostitution in 2015 which produced national statements, and struggled with drug addiction. She was a student in and of rehab for five ages before she overdosed in her own friend’s restroom. The lady girl Neveah now life together grandmother and holds the girl moms ashes in a locket.

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