A beneficial Hakuko-peoples crossbreed servant you to definitely Naofumi purchased off Beloukas, along with her cousin to greatly help Raphtalia’s community

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A beneficial Hakuko-peoples crossbreed servant you to definitely Naofumi purchased off Beloukas, along with her cousin to greatly help Raphtalia’s community

Naofumi bought the fresh siblings because of the prospective he saw for the the loveandseek bloodline and you will watched the lady as a way to make sure their brother’s loyalty. Even with being blind, Atla believed Naofumi’s exposure, and that she named are “each other good and type, though which have deep despair invisible contained in this.” So it made Atla believe Naofumi and ask for your to take proper care off this lady cousin because of just how she originally won’t alive much prolonged. When Naofumi recovered the woman having a keen Elixir regarding Yggdrasil, that was developed by their Secure, Atla turned into really connected, if not affectionate, for the your and you will wanted to be of great use to him.

While you are Naofumi found these procedures as an alternative troublesome, the guy continued to care for Atla such as the most other submissives he bought to the town. He failed to consider a lot of Atla’s goal to-be his “protect,” perhaps not recognizing Atla try extremely serious about this. The guy began to see how Atla had more potential when you look at the combat than simply the girl sis and reconsidered their versatility that he sparred which have her also Raphtalia. So it number of believe developed to in which Naofumi were able to trust Atla from inside the a method and you may race resistant to the Demon Dragon.

Volume 15 Spoilers Within the battle up against the Phoenix, Atla managed to see the lady guarantee to be Naofumi’s secure and you can sacrificed the girl existence to safeguard your. Her passing devastated Naofumi when he seriously tried to save your self the woman. not, because of the woman mercy, Naofumi were able to discover the newest shield away from mercy and this suppressed his protect of wrath and you can invited him feeling proper emotion once again. For this reason and his past guarantee to help you this lady to consider other’s thoughts, Naofumi’s lifestyle try forever changed when he turned a kinder and you may alot more compassionate person.

Mirellia Q Melromarc

This new Queen and Naofumi had been to your very a terminology because the team associates. As he understood he was getting used from the her, the guy along with understood you to she called for your, very he had been prepared to tolerate it. The fact she eliminated their name and penalized the lady husband and you can daughter because of their mistreatment out-of him appeared to be the fresh new core of their dating. Both managed one another because the means, but she recognized his worth both politically so that as a great Holy Hero.


The guy operates a weapons store during the Melromarc that is the only person who believed inside the Naofumi after he was wrongly implicated because of the Bitch – ironically, it had been Bitch herself who had put Naofumi so you can Erhard. The guy produces very, if not completely, of one’s devices donned by Naofumi along with his carriage, particularly their Bandit-themed Barbarian Armour, and is also guilty of teaching Raphtalia a guide to swordsmanship. His experiences are from good blacksmith regarding the Eastern. He wishes Naofumi to obtain various other blacksmith, as he believes their own event is sub-level, however, Naofumi metropolitan areas a high value on the their ability and his friendship.


When you are Naofumi considers the brand new slave merchant become a helpful individual because of his part inside the getting your with various submissives to possess his growing armed forces, he doesn’t imply one actual trust on child. The retailer has noted one Naofumi keeps an excellent company experience, speaking about your because his favorite consumer and you will men which can not be effortlessly tricked. Naofumi, at the same time, creeps from your. No matter, Naofumi will continue to manage various forms out-of organization with your, in the event it relates to purchasing a lot more slaves, establishing slave agreements, otherwise acquiring beneficial recommendations.

Ost Horai

To start with Naofumi was skeptical regarding Ost while the she claimed so you’re able to become a common of your Heart Tortoise. not, she turned out to be a valuable friend for the beating the fresh new contaminated Protector Monster. Compliment of the girl unique magic, she was able to bring guidance in race as well as avoid Naofumi away from are beat by the their Secure off Wrath. She also educated him regarding champion-private magic: Liberation-group. Naofumi seriously acknowledged the woman and her give up must overcome this lady very own human body.

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